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19th january 1991

Hotel Central - Rotterdam

Well... Well, people...

‘ Cause I cannot express me

very well in Imperial English, I`ll do it in Spanglish.

I’ ll tell you thay it is sure i’ ll never forget

our surrealistic lobby with specials personages

of the First Story.

That means complicated Marianne,

who everybody knows is not an usual Americaan,

a yankee, but of the good side.

Sweet not present Anthony who affirms

that histori is always been the same

bur in the meantime he changes.

Marion, the Eastindiaan girl laughing and loving

and offering her hand, her house, her home

as a real real human being.

Well, well, people.

Sure I dont forget the Iranian guy

who is here because of my compatriote,

the famous Che,

and also because Regis Debray

and who really deserves

in the world his place.

And the Turk,

as in Argentine we use to say,

who I can understand because he suffered

the Paraguayan human zoo.

All this with our quotidiane

guest or ghost, I don`t know,

people of the troupe!

I tell: The so called Hungarian Ed

and a gentleman named Willem van Toren

an a very strange German

who came al the last moment

and Joke, who I think

she really enjoy our minds and our means.

Hugo, who liked to be one of the party...

We wanted or not, wanted...

And to be in the mood...

the crazy war you can follow

by CNN.

A war to make you closed

in spite of the nonsense.

And... No... No...

Don`t be afraid!

I’ll not forget

Fat Gari who deals in parts of airplanes

and who is organizing a Festival in Florida,

in the States.

Really, really, really

‘t was a week I ‘ll never forget.

The crab and the frog

this is a french joke

an Argentine women like me told.

And that’s all.

©® Ana Sebastián, 1991. De Memorias impertinentes.

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